Thursday, January 05, 2006

A dinner party to come and fresh produce

I got to cook for 4 more people tonight. Lovely friends of ours. With very specific demands about what to eat too! They have not been here for dinner since beginning of November - yes, I became a bit anti-social with the new job- and they called me yesterday and asked if I could cook certain things to make it up to them all for not having cooked for them in ages.

So they want bbq ribs, they want sweet potato wedges, and they want my missisipi mud cake for dessert.

Do these people have any heart at all?

I plan on cooking some more things, after all look what I went home with on Tuesday!

They are eating beets and salads and celery roots, even if they don't want to ;)


Blogger kimba said...

Ha! You have one of those 'nanna-trolleys' too - I am buying one this weekend! Great for bringing the shopping home without getting a taxi ;)

11:31 AM  

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