Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spicy salmon and tuna fillets with steamed kinda hot cauliflower and brocolli

I will confess something.

While I was preparing the fillets, I felt something I have never felt before. I could describe it as the feeling a woman possibly has while her lover video-taped her while they were having sex. But I would not have explained it exactly.

I mean, many people have seen me cook. But you are not "many people". You are really "my people". Trully. Because you are here for one reason and one reason only.

You adore food.

You share the same passion.

You know how it feels...

To the fillets now... Here they are. We have Vangelis over for dinner by the way. So it's one of each for each one of us.
I really use "lodsa herbs and spices" when I cook. ;) To prove it to you, I begin by showing the fillets clean, and as I add a spice I will show you how the colour changes till the end. I cannot really tell quantities when I cook. Sometimes more of this, sometimes less of that. I do not use measuring devices really. For cakes and breads only. I go by the eye and the feeling I'm having at the time.

So I used herbal mare, curry powder, sweet paprika, garlic powder, barbeque spices, cumin, green tabasko, and the zest of 2 lemons. Start with the salt and lots of garlic powder, then the curry, the sweet paprika, bbq spice and then a little cumin. Then the lemon zest. But take the risk take a huge pinch of curry and start dropping it ever so slowly on the fillets. See how the curry's smell strengthens as you add a bit more...and then a bit more. And stop putting more when your nostrills tell you that tonight, this is how much curry you want to taste. Do the same with every spice. Actually, open all your spices and start opening bottles or jars and start taking two, or three, or four, and bring them very close to your nose and start smelling them together, or in groups, or stay longer in one and then pass quickly from the others, decide which you want to dominate the taste.

Then, take the two lemons you took the zest from and poke them lots of holes with a tooth pick. Place them on your tin. They will get all the lemon jusice gradually and they "boil" and will actually scent your fillets without the real sourness of lemon.

But we need veggies too. Take your brocoli and cauliflower, put a little water in your pot, arange the florets, add a couple of dry red chilli peppers on top, place the lid, and let them cook till they get the softness you desire.

Now some advice, cos this did not turn out perfect. Make sure you do not not try to upload your photos in blogger, while the fish is in the stove. You will end with drier fillets than you desire ;) And when you eat you will ask yourself why the boys prefer things drier....

This is what you will end up with. A little olive oil and salt on the brocolli. No lemon or anything else, you want them to be smooth tasting with all the spices in the salmon and tuna. Oh, and between the fillets there is sweet chilli sauce with a spash of green tabasco. My scs this time turned too sweet so it needs some kind of hotness enhancement. I actually ate the salmon only. Tuna too would have been too much. And cos the tuna dried this morning, I put it in a sandwich for Angelos with homemade mayo and thick slices of tomato.

I will go to the fresh produce market today. And I will post all about ingredients later. Have a delectable day all!


Blogger l15a said...

Thanks Argy. This 'experience' was so much yummier than what a simple recipe would have been. Hope you have another date soon :-)

2:44 PM  

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