Sunday, February 26, 2006

A salad

You will need:

fresh baby spinach
a couple of bunches of rocket
a handful of pine nuts
100 gr of parmezan cut in flakes
8 tsp of olive oil
balsamic vinegar
1 Tsp of sugar free raspberry jam

You will:

wash the greens and chop them up
add the pine nuts
add the parmezan
shake the oil with the vinegar and the jam
pour over
pour yourself a glass of red wine


Saturday, February 25, 2006

A non sticking pan


They are the essence of whatever one does.

Take your make up for instance. The right brush produces the perfect smokey eyes effect.

Take your camera. The right lense will do the photo justice.

Now take your non sticking pan.

Put it on the stove to heat it up while you gather up your incredients:

pork tenderloin *
red bell peppers
pita breads
sweet paprika
lemon pepper
garlic pepper
lotsa fresh oregano. If you dont have fresh, dont use dry. It will turna bit bitter.

Cut the pork in small pieces. Put them on the pan. No oil needed. Browm them slightly on each side. Then cut your tomatoes and onions in thick slices and place them on top of the meat. Cut the mushrooms and red peppers in big pieces and throw them in. Do not add any salt or pepper at this point. Just the fresh oreganon and the sweet paprika. (why all the pics I take without flash are our of focus still beats me!!!)

Let the heat on maximum for the next 5 minutes. Then cover with a lid and let it simmer on low for another 5 mins. This way, all the juices from the tomatoes and the mushrooms and the onions will run and make the meat boil in them with intense flavour. Uncover and put the heat back on high. Put your pitta breads on top. Mine were right out of the freezer and this way they defrosted rapidly and got a very nice fragrance of fresh oreganon and onions. Let them on for a minute, then turn them around and leave them for another one. Take them off, and use another non sticking pan to just brown them slightly on each side. Put aside.

At this point there should not be many liquids left in your pan. The tomatoes should have melted into a thick sauce and the onions should be transparent and suculent. The mushrooms must have been cooked too. And the red peppers should be very soft and sweet. Add the lemon and garlic peppers, get the heat on high, squeeze the lemons, and see it absorb most of the lemon juice, then turn the heat off. Add the feta in small pieces, the pan should still be on the stove, cover it for the next couple of minuted till the heat subsides and the feta melts a little, and then cut the pittas in half.

Take scoops of this, put them in your pitta, roll it, and moan!

* I guess this can be done with chicken and turkey and lean beef too. I did it with shrimps last night as well and it was also deliscious. Angelos and I are hooked on this cos its fast, so we can have dinner ready in 20 minutes even when we get back home at 10 in the evening! There is also a great salad we ate for dinner the other day and I will post it sometime during the weekend, cos now I am going shopping babies!!!!