Saturday, June 17, 2006

Photos of moaning experiences

You know, if I waited till Monday, it would be exactly two months since I posted here. This will be only pictures of things I have cooked.

Tzatziki: cool tanginess of greek yoghurt spiced up with garlic, smoothened with grated carrot, essensed with sweet dill, and cooled up
with cucumber. And lots of aromatic virgin olive oil!

Stuffed peppers cooked on the pot. Lots of garlic, onions, and mint are being browned in the pot, then the beef mince is added, then the rice, and you leave it to cook till the rice is half done. You fill with this the peppers, arrange them on a pot one on top of the other, then place a plate on top to prevent movement, pour a glass of water on the pot, and let it simmer for 30 mins. You eat it with a big dollop of fage 0% and lots of hot paprika

Amazingly rich homemade bitter chocolate icecream with rum. Beat your 8 organic egg yolks with a bit of sugar and a lot of Green & Black Organic Cocoa powder, simmer your cream and milk with the rum and the two bars of Green & Black Cook's 72% cocoa bitter chocolate, mix, freeze, eat ;)

Boil potatoes, cut them in pieces, mix them with tons of fresh parsley, pickled cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, capers, purple onion, and homemade mayo with lots of mustard. Nice cool potato salad!

Marinade your meat in yoghurt. Any kind of meat. These are pork chops. I've done chicken and beef too. You willnot believe how soft the meat turns out. Add in your plain yoghurt any spices you like. I put lots of powdered garlic, lots of hot and sweet paprika, lots of bbq spice, and cumin, fragrant spicy cumin! Let them in the fridge for at least an hour, but three hours will do wonders to the tenderness of the meat.

Grill skewers with onions, eggplant, zuccini and peppers. Prepare a classic tomato salad with feta, and as soon as the veggies are grilled add them in the salad. The cold tomatoes and feta and the hot grilled veggies make for a very refreshing combination.

Grill in the bbq or oven 2 big eggplants and 3 red peppers. Take the flesh, and mix it with the juice oftwo lemons, 3-4 garlic cloves, a big bunch of parsley, a ripe tomato, and a tad of olive oil in your mixer. Its a great dip for grilled pitas, and a cool and aromatic mash as a side dish for any grilled meat

And last but not least, the chicken from the other day: fill your skewers with chicken pieces and veggies, grill them in the oven, take the juices from the pan and mix them with lemon juice and good mustard, and have a very summery yet spicy dinner!

And those are last night's pork and chicken skewers that were marinated for 3 hours in yoghurt. Don't they look good?!